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Apply for Federal Grants

The federal government has many initiatives and programs to support municipalities, schools, and businesses that serve the needs and improve the lives of Utahns. It is Congressman Matheson’s job to help constituents connect with federal grant programs.

Whether you have written many grants or this is your first time applying, you will find information on this page to help you with your search. Here you will find information on how to search for and select a grant that suits your organization, how to complete a grant application and ways that Congressman Matheson can help you once you have completed these two steps.

Please feel free to contact our Utah office at (801) 486-1236 if you require assistance in your search for federal grants. 

Grant FAQ

How do I find the grant that is right for me?

1.    Find out who is Eligible for a Grant - Other government websites may be more suitable for personal needs, student loans, small business assistance, or other business opportunities such as government contracting. The website Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid may also be helpful.

2.    If eligible, search for program information in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). This includes grants, loans, business and nonfinancial help.

3.    Contact the federal office given in CFDA program description: if a state or local office is indicated, check Regional Agency Offices at top of CFDA website for addresses.

4.    Visit federal websites given in each CFDA program description for more information and for state administering agencies responsible for managing these programs.

5.    Check current federal grant opportunities at Grants.gov, obtain a Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS number) , register with Central Contractor Registration (CCR number), and apply online (links and instructions given at the website).  

How do I write a grant?

Learn how to write grant proposals: follow CFDA’s Developing and Writing Grant Proposals, or take the free online Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course. The Foundation Center is a gateway to information about private funding sources, the grant seeking process, guidelines on writing a grant proposal, addresses of state libraries with grants reference collections, and links to other useful websites. The Center maintains a comprehensive database on foundations; produces print and electronic directories and guides; conducts research and publishes studies in the field; and offers a variety of training and educational seminars.

•    Welcome Legislators and Policy Makers Covers policy development, constituent services, and other helpful nonprofit resources.
•    Guide to Funding Research An overview of the funding research process for those seeking grants from foundations, corporations, and grantmaking public charities.
•    Proposal Writing Short Course (also in Spanish)
•    Foundation Finder Search for information about more than 70,000 private and community foundations.
•    Requests for Proposals Daily postings of requests for proposals (RFPs) from private funding sources by broad subject category.

How can Congressman Matheson help?

Grant applications must meet an array of requirements for most programs.  It is the applicant's responsibility to write the grant proposal and meet all deadlines. This office can help you by researching grant opportunities, and in some cases Congressman Matheson can write a letter to alert agencies of his support of a project. Please be aware that his letter of support does not guarantee approval from a federal agency.

To request a letter of support, please use this form. Save it to your computer and email it to pamela.juliano@mail.house.gov.


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